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Friday, April 13, 2007

Another guy's story

Putting it all in Perspective - Part II

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Prisoners tell some wonderful stories. And the stories of their lives can make one feel like they've just got it so good. Tonight was no exception.

One guy told how he grew up trying to find his parents. He was on his own from a very young age, and the only family he found was a gang. His story was heart-wrenching; so much that most of us (10 male inmates, a lady volunteer and me) were crying. When he was done, I looked at the room and said, "Last night, I was complaining because I had to make my resumé look better. Suddenly, that doesn't seem like a very daunting task."

What is it that makes us believe we are due something in this world? "I am a Christian, so God's gonna make sure I have a great job with a 62-inch TV and a Lincoln Navigator." What makes it worse is when I see how the rest of the world lives, then I complain 'cuz I only had three pieces of chicken at dinner time. It gets even worse when I hear an inmate tell me he's better off in prison, 'cuz if he gets out someone will most likely kill him.

How did it come to that? How is it that I can complain about having to tell the world how great I am when I know people who don't have enough food to eat or are scared to even walk around in broad daylight? Someone help me with this.

I should be on my knees thanking God Almighty that I have bread to eat - let alone meat - for three meals every day. I should be thanking God Almighty that I can sleep at night without having to worry about someone killing me because of a tattoo I got 20 years ago. I should be thanking God Almighty that I have the skills and knowledge that are useful to somebody so they will give me a job. Instead, I gripe and complain about the task of detailing those skills.


Almighty Heavenly Father, You have created this world to sustain us. You have directed our path to bring us to today.
And still, we forget our place. Without You, we would have absolutely nothing. Without You, there would be no food. Without You, there would be no us.
Please forgive us in our sin of omission. Please forgive us when we forget how good we have it. Help us to remember that we are here for one purpose - and that is to praise and glorify You.
Thank you, Father, for all the gifts - physical and spiritual - that You have given us.
In Christ's name we pray,


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