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Running commentary on how Jesus' Healing Power is affecting my life - and helping me to help others.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Before you think I'm dissin' someone...

Regular readers of Healing Power and the old Clay's Ramblings blogs will notice that the top link on the right keeps changing. Well, before you think I'm not happy with the blog at the top spot, it's not my fault. My friend AT keeps changing his blog. Now, I've only done it once, and that was only at my wife's urging. AT, he changes his title (and URL) whenever he gets a wild hair. 'Course, with all the updating across the web that needs to be done (such as here, The Rat and the Rambler [will he ever join me on that one?], The Rambling Homeschool Dad and since I'm helping update ChittyBang's Outside Looking In blog...) across the web, it's a wonder I link to his site at all.

Seriously, though, AT has a good thing going. He's narrowing his vision down to where God wants him to be. Rather than focusing on three million projects at once, AT is finding his place in God's world. That means I'm happy for him. But I've got a lot of updating to do...


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