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Friday, September 15, 2006

Has it really been a week?

I last posted here a week ago. I didn't think it'd been that long.

Well, for those of you rabid fans who are chompin' at the bit for the next installment, you'll have to wait. I was writing a new entry when the batteries on my palm pilot died and I lost it. :( So, out of frustration, I'm gonna wait until Monday to post anything with meat again. In the meantime, chew on this.

The preambles to all 50 of the state constitutions begin with references to our Creator. Why, then, are the states now maligning the Creator they deemed so respectable when they became states? This was circulated as an e-mail and claimed to be a falsehood. Turth or Fiction checked it out and claims it's true. If you want to research it yourself, all 50 of the state constitutions are available to read on the 'net. Google them and read.

So, until Monday, God willing, I'll be back to write some more. Heck, you never know what's gonna happen over the weekend! Maybe I'll post tomorrow (or later tonight...)


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