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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Time's Fun when you're having Flies!

I actually saw that as a postmark on an envelope once. I think the letter was mailed from California.

I know God's been at work in my life. I can feel it. Funny thing is, I really have had zero desire to write about it. I mean, how the heck am I supposed to write when I don't even have time for my daily chores?... to complete the lessons I have planned?... to read and study His Word?... to pray?

I desperately want to remain in touch with God. I desparately want Him to be the cornerstone of all that I do. But then I get on the computer and start playing games or chatting with friends and I don't have time to write.

My Adult Sunday School class is reading through the bible in 90 days. It's a ginormous (say it out loud) proposition at first glance, but not impossible. We're committing ourselves to 12 pages every day in a specially-formatted NIV Bible. Right now, I'm 15 days behind. The class is in the middle of 1 Samuel, and I'm in Deuteronomy.

And, I just had to ask my daughter to give me some time to write. She wants to talk to me, and I want to write. I do talk to her a lot when she wants; in fact, that's one reason we don't accomplish all we want to on lessons. But that's another story.

OK - so I need to find time in my incredibly busy schedule to write. I need to find a way to defeat all the temptations on my time so that I can write.

How can I do this? The same way I defeated everything else in my life. I pray. I'm asking God to help me prioritize my time so that I can do what He wants me to do. I believe He wants me to talk to him - pray. He also wants me to study His Word - read the Bible. He also wants me to be a stay-at-homeschool Dad. That means I have to educate my kids, do laundry, vacuum, dust, clean the kitchen, bathe the kids, mow the lawn, clean the garage... you get the picture.

Perhaps we can all find more time to spend with our LORD. Perhaps we can all find those moments in our lives where we actually do what we're supposed to do: put Him first.

Will you join with me in this challenge to devote more time to God? Will you keep in touch with me and let me know how your doing? We should all encourage each other and say, "This is what I did today so I can spend more time with Him."


Almighty Heavenly Father, today we're asking that you fill our lives where ever we may be. Reach out to us, however far we may be away from you and fill us with your Spirit. We know you never leave us, but you do allow us to leave you when we fail to commune with you. You have promised us that all we need do is ask, and you'll forgive us. So, with repentant hearts, we are asking you to forgive us for the times we come up short. We are asking you to forgive us for our selfishness - spending our small amount of time on us without much though toward you.

Thank you, Father, for your gift of forgiveness and love. Thank you for giving us hearts that can know your joy. And thank you for defeating the temptation to stray from your side.

In Jesus' Holy Name we pray,


  • At 1:14 PM, Blogger NChitwood said…

    good to see that you are putting your ducks all in a row~ keep working on it. once you set those priorities into motion and make them a habit, it will become second nature to you. proud of you for trying!


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