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Sunday, January 27, 2008

"But his hair started to grow back..."

This is becoming a roller-coaster ride, and one that will put Six Flags to shame. Last week, I detailed how I had a mountaintop experience with the Lord and came to be at peace with my life. Then I detailed how that peace was so short-lived after the enemy pushed me off the cliff. Well, now I'm gonna tell you how I caught an express trip back to the top of the mountain.

I've never been a shy man, except about my relationship with the Lord. But with recent events I've become even less shy. I told several people at work about my mountaintop experience, and those I told said nothing to my face about how crazy I sounded. Maybe they did behind my back, but I'm living as if they didn't. Anyway, even though I fell off the mountain into a deep pit, I kept living as if I were on top of the mountain. I only shared my negative experience with the blog-o-sphere and a very spiritual man at work.

I told him about the insight I had regarding placing complete trust in the Lord, and how I am having so much trouble doing that. I told him that God has made it very clear to me that He will provide for my family if only I will let Him. My friend's response was, basically, "You better be buckled in!"

So, on the way home, I started praying. I asked God, "How can I trust in something that makes absolutely no sense?"

He replied, "That's what faith is all about.

"Yeah, but every bone in my body is telling me that it won't work."

"That's what faith is all about. Do you want to trust me or your feelings?"

See that's the difference between Christianity and the Force... Seriously, though. This morning one of my friends at church asked me how this week went. I told him it went well. He asked if I'd sold any cars, and I said, "No, but I've found that's not important."

Bottom line: I'm learning to place trust in the Lord, and not in the things of this world. It's really hard to do, but I'm trying.


Almighty heavenly Father, you made everything. So, you own everything. You have given us charge to oversee your creation, but it's not ours. What right, then, do we have to take more than you want us to have?

Father, we strive for the material things of this world, even though you have told us that "thieves steal and moths destroy". Why, then should we seek these? Simply because it makes this extremely short life more comfortable?

You have promised us that you will provide all that we need. I have seen this: We've never missed a house payment due to lack of funds. We've never missed a meal (and it shows). Our house is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We are free to worship you in our country. We have two communities of faith that bolster us during our hard times. We are actively advancing the gospel in our work and school. You have promised us that you will provide all that we need, and you have followed through on that promise.

There is, then, nothing more that we need do, except what you guide us. Forgive us for trying to do all this on our own. Forgive us for failing to trust you and taking matters into our own hands. Forgive us for not being the holy examples you have commanded of us.

Father, talk to us. Through your Holy Spirit, through your Holy Word and through the open and closed doors in our lives - guide us. Make us wholly accountable to you in all that we do, never seeking to glorify our own lives.

Thank you, Father, for everything you have given us.

In Christ's Holy Name we pray,


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