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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Has it really been five months?

Oh, wow. I've been sadly absent from the blog-o-sphere. Well, here's the scoop, for those of you who've been holding your breath for me to get a job. I got one. It was a contract programming position that lasted me three months. Do the math, that job ended before Labor Day.

Through September and half of October, I was without work. Bummer. I finally landed a job, though. Where, you may ask, has this intrepid jack-of-all-computer-trades started working? Is he programming for an international oil company? Is he repairing computers for one of the world's largest children's hospitals? Is he preparing to support IT for the ISS at NASA? (yeah - lots of acronyms for government work!)

No. I'm not doing any of that. Now I'm selling cars for a local Nissan dealer.

I know - you're asking yourself, how can one be a Car Salesperson and a Christian? It's no harder than being an attorney and a Christian. You simply remember in whose name you are working and go from there. Though the industry is fraught with deception and laziness, I am working for a dealer who takes pride in customer loyalty over number of units sold. It's a place I can work and still sleep at night. It's the perfect change for me.

Pray for me, though. Pray that I won't be sucked into the greed that permeates this industry. Pray that I can return with more regularity to the blog-o-sphere. Pray that I can find a way to keep this job, and still do the volunteer activities that I have come to love.

Thanks, also, for your prayers that I can land a job.



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