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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You are My Strength and My Shield

Psalm 28 (CEV)
(By David.)
A Prayer for Help
1 Only you, LORD, are a mighty rock! Don't refuse to help me when I pray. If you don't answer me, I will soon be dead.
2 Please listen to my prayer and my cry for help, as I lift my hands toward your holy temple.
3 Don't drag me away, LORD, with those cruel people, who speak kind words, while planning trouble.
4 Treat them as they deserve! Punish them for their sins.
5 They don't pay any attention to your wonderful deeds. Now you will destroy them and leave them in ruin.
6 I praise you, LORD, for answering my prayers.
7 You are my [strength and my] shield, and I trust you completely. You have helped me, and I will celebrate and thank you in song.
8You give strength to your people, LORD, and you save and protect your chosen ones.
9Come save us and bless us. Be our shepherd and always carry us in your arms.

I woke up with the emphasized words above on my heart. I don't know why, but they were there. So I began to meditate on them as I went about my morning routine. They (as all of scripture) are powerful words. These words build a picture of a God in whom we can rest knowing that the battle around us will stay there - around us.

But the word shield has little meaning for a 21st-Century man like myself. I mean, I've seen pictures of ancient soldiers running into battle carrying their sword in one hand and their shield in another, but can I really relate to that?

In 1996, I was in a car wreck. My folks were letting me use their '92 Mustang while I was car-less. It was early in the morning and I was in McAllen, Texas (8 miles north of the border!) looking for some breakfast tacos. I was still sleepy and had slipped out of work without notifying my boss. I was only going to be gone for a few minutes, not for long. My light turned green, and I started going. Suddenly, I'd turned 90° to the right. The store to which I was headed was out my right-side window, now it was on my left. I was wondering what the heck happened. The hood was crumpled and steam was pouring out from the engine. But I was all right. I walked away from that wreck - a little sore, but otherwise all right.

My car was my shield. It protected me from the '68 Buick tank that ran the red light at about 55 mph.

I can relate.

David wrote a lot of Psalms about protection from enemies. While we, as Christians have problems relating to the crying out for vengeance in the Psalms, we can relate to David seeking refuge in the Lord.

Well, after my last post being a marathon, I guess I'll let you slide with this short one. God bless you. May He be your shield in rough times.

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