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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three Days and Counting...

That title sounds so negative. But I was wracking my brains to come up with a good title. So, here ya go. Three Days and Counting... is the title of this post.

Why am I even posting? It's really all about prayer. And answers to prayer. And what it takes to be a good pray-er (as in praying person, not the communication between you and Father God). Tomorrow, May 1 2008, is the National Day of Prayer. Pray with me.

I'm trying to develop the pattern of praying all day. And I'm falling flat on my face. Not literally, in this context that would be a good thing. No, I'm simply not doing as well as I'd like. My goal is, as 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, "Pray without ceasing." (American Standard Version)

What does this have to do with the title? Well, three days ago, I started working for a new company that is unashamedly Christian. In the employee handbook is "The Mustang Prayer". That's not to say they are opposed to anyone who is not a Christian. Following Christ's example, they have an open-door policy.

Beyond my new employer, though, I've been trying to keep in prayer in order to strengthen my armor. With everything my family has been through over the last six years (has it been that long?), the enemy is continuously firing shots at us. I'm betting that through prayer, God will make me stronger - and my family by proxy.

So, for three days, I've had little interference in my prayer life. I've seen prayers answered - a well-paying job in my chosen field, healing at home, a chance to return to prison and more. I've felt the peace of God descend on my family and I. I've experienced firsthand the pleasure of nestling in God's arms free from worry and care.

I'm not doing as well as I'd like to, but I'm doing better. I'm also doing better about praying for the people I said I would. Like Keneke and Squat who both have knee injuries. Like Jesse's kidneys and upcoming surgery. Like Mamaw and her circulatory issues. Like Jack and his wife - both are in failing health. Like my Dad and his compounding issues.

No, I'm not boasting. I'm merely telling you what's working for me. I'd like to encourage you to try it for a while as well. See if you don't experience the peace I've come to know. Build a relationship with God. Remember, prayer isn't just you talking to God, it's talking with Him. Listen for His response. And teach your kids to do it as well.

OK - I'm outtahere.


Almighty Heavenly Father, my Dad in Heaven. All majesty and power to you. Though our nation has set aside one day to pray, I seek to find you through prayer all day every day. I ask that you bless each of us as we embark on this journey.

Thank you for being available to us through Jesus Christ's sacrificial offering. It's in His name we pray,


  • At 8:33 AM, Anonymous T said…

    Glad things are getting better for you, bro! It's crazy how life changes so fast & when you look back you can see God's handprints in it all.

    3rd week in August we are moving to Winston-Salem, NC. IT's a blessing - it's scary - but I'm sooo stoked!

    Keep prayin' bro!! I'm praying for you.



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