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Friday, May 02, 2008

Taking the Time

Last night I was able to return to prison. It's the mission work I love doing. As we caught up on the last three months (has it really been that long?), he lamented the fact that so few people write letters to him. Some write and say they will write more often, but don't. I'm ashamed to admit that I fall into the latter category.

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But letter-writing isn't the only task about which I procrastinate. Truth is, I'm more inclined to find time for things that are less important to do like play a game on the computer or watch a television show. What does it take to get away from that?

I think it goes back to my last post regarding prayer. Between my desire to commune with the Most High and the enemy's desire to break that communion, I wind up finding something else to do that is more active but much less fulfilling. Something like playing a stupid game on the computer.

As I talked with my friend in prison, he committed to never doing anything like that. He said, "I know how hard it is to be in this position." And I hope he's right. I had made the same commitment when I got out of the Navy. It was so hard to go to mail call for several weeks and not get anything. But then, when my brother went on a six month cruise, I did not write him a single letter. Something (like a computer game) was more important.

Christ commanded us to love God first, everybody else second and ourselves last. Loving others means taking the time to be there for them. Write the letter. Make the phone call. Drop in for a visit. Find the time.


Heavenly Father, your hands created this world in which we live. Your hands created the very essence of time from which we cannot escape. You made it our responsibility to be good stewards of the time you have given to us.

Help us to grow into that stewardship. Help us to stop doing the things that waste our precious time and embark on a new mission that will reflect your Glory. Bring about in us the change that makes us shine for You.

In Christ's name we pray,


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