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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This, Too, is Pretty Sad

Twenty days between blog updates. And it's not like I'm incredibly busy. I can even get to blogger from work. But, for some reason, I am failing miserably to update my blog.

I think the big problem is that my passion for writing is at a low right now. I have no desire to write. I still get worked up about things, but I just talk about it with live people rather than write in my blog.

Sadder still, though, is the friend who called and asked, “Did you get my message?” Or the prisoner with whom I've been corresponding saying “You must be very busy. I haven't heard from you in a while.” Worse yet - “Have you been praying for me like you promised?”


Where does the time go? And when I sit down to document it all, I still come up with nothing. I mean, I find time to watch 80-year-old movies, but I can't find the time to write a friend who can really benefit from a letter. I can find time to surf the internet, but not to call a friend who's left four messages for me. I can find time to stay fat and lazy but not to ______ (fill in the blank).

And why do we do this? Why is it so hard to get started doing the easy things? I have my ideas. In my case, I'm lazy. I don't want to do the things I have to, so I find creative ways to get around them. I have my Classic Movie Weekend. I say “I have to spend time with my family.” Hey - what's more noble than that? Or, I update a blog that nobody reads.

OK - that was a cheap shot at you, Squatpuke.

Seriously, though. Who wants to pledge to actually do the noble things you say you're going to do? Who wants to actually find the time to mentor that person who needs help? Who wants to actually volunteer in the prisons or schools or Big Brothers/Big Sisters? Who wants to spend a weekend beautifying their church? Or mowing the lawn for a neighbor who can't? Or visiting a sick friend or family member or church member or total stranger with no family in the hospital? Now, that last one, I don't think I can do.


Almighty Heavenly Father,
You have told us that we are the Body of Christ. We are His hands and feet - His hug and kind voice. Through You alone, working in us, we can demonstrate your immense love for this lost world. But we need to get our lazy selves motivated to do something.

Father, create in us a heart that cries for Your Spirit - for Your motivation - for Your willingness and capabilities to reach out to those around us who may not even know you exist. Shine Your light through us - but get us out into the world where Your light will do some good.

Thank You for being there for us. Now help us to be there for someone else.

In Jesus' Holy Name we pray,


  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Simpsongirl said…

    Just so you know, I read your blog. I just don't always comment. I hope you weren't calling ME "Squatpuke".

    I can relate to this! It is hard to do the things we know we should, and so easy to do those things that really don't benefit us that much. God bless us with energy to take the first step!


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